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Progesterone Concentrations, Serial Testing

How to read a progesterone report!

Your guide to serial monitoring with
Catalyst® Progesterone
Get reliable, quantitative results to predict canine ovulation and estimate optimal fertility.
Ovulation and time of optimal fertility can be estimated by observing a distinct rise in
progesterone concentrations, which is best identified with serial testing. 


Source: Idexx


Progesterone concentration

Recommended action

Anestrus/ proestrus

<1.0 ng/mL

Retest in 2–4 days


Pre-LH* surge

1.0–1.9 ng/mL

Retest in 2–3 days


LH surge

2.0–3.0 ng/mL

Retest in 1–2 days


Post-LH surge/ preovulation

3.1–4.9 ng/mL

Retest in 1–2 days


At or near ovulation

5.0–12.0 ng/mL

Determine breeding schedule